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The culture of beer in Playa de Palma

It is very common to associate the image of the tourists and visitors who come to Playa de Palma with a glass of beer. But far from being pejorative, this represents an extremely European way of understanding life, above all on holiday. Something like ‘the culture of beer’, a delicious, refreshing drink, ideal for hot days.

In Playa de Palma, Bierstrasse and Shinkenstrasse – Beer Street and Ham Street – are two model examples of Mallorcan hospitality towards German tourists, barely ten kilometres from the historic centre of the capital.

Beer habitually accompanies German gastronomy, the most typical dish of which are “Bratwurst” sausages, which are usually accompanied by “Sauerkraut” or “Kartoffensalat” (potato salad). The street stalls serve them with bread, making them look like a “hot dog”. The most typical varieties of German beer are: Pilsener, Weizenbier, Altier, Kölsch, Helles, Dunkel, Schwarzbier and Bockbier.